Tiny patches of grass

When we first moved into our current apartment I was quite excited that we have a small backyard.  Most of it is pavement, but the edges have grass, only two feet by ten, but some grass.  The only issue is that this is not enough grass for any of us to buy any kind of tool to up keep it.  Also, in the past two weeks (when we were all in tech and had no time) it has sprung up.  In some sections it is about two feet high.

For some reason the past two days have found me in a mood to clean.  So today I decided to brave the grass and go at it with a pair of scissors.  After cutting a small section down I began to realize the how futile the attempt was going to be.  Once the top part was cut down to a managable level it left only yellowed dead grass in patched clumps.  So I gave up and have decided to go the route of our neighbors.  Monday I’ll pull out all the grass and replace it with lava rocks and perhaps a few potted plants (so they can be brought in during storms and cold weather).  Hurray useless patches of grass.


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