Don’t tempt fate

Theatre people tend to be supersticious or at least believe in karma.  There are individuals who don’t, but I’m one of the ones who does believe in karma.  This past show only confirmed my belief in tempting fate.

Every time someone mentioned that they were bored something went wrong, and not even anything that anyone had control over.  Natural disasters occured in our theatre this past few weeks.  The first day a light blew out and started smoking.  The roof above stage left was leaking, resulting in it essentially raining stage left.  An outlet box fell off the wall.  A water table collapsed on me, the legs just gave out.  An actor got elbowed in the face during a dance sequence.  A connector arched and started burning the insulation.  And a monitor in our company managers office caught on fire.

It was as if god, or possibly one of the ghosts in the theatre, decided to remedy the fact that someone was bored by providing a situation for us to deal with.  Luckily we were able to deal with everything and beyond a sore lip no one was injured.  But it just helped to confirm that you don’t want to tempt fate.


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