They are Burning Obama Signs Now

I recently received an email from my mother that outraged me.  She had stopped by the Farmington Obama headquarters when they received a distressed call from a woman in Milford.  Someone had come during the night and burned the Obama sign on her yard and several others in her neighborhood.  None of the McCain signs were burned or tampered with.  She had called the police, both out of outrage and fear, and all they said they could do was add it to a list of complaints.  The police took it as a prank probably performed by some kids.  My mother took the following photo for the woman to document the crime:

According to some other reports this is also happening in other communities in the area.  It angers me that someone (from the appearance a McCain supporter) would take such a destructive and violent approach.  Endangering both the homeowners own safety and their freedom of speech.  My mother closed the email with this statement:

“What bothers me is not the size of the destruction, other than a ruined sign and a yucky puddle of melted plastic on the ground there wasn’t that much, but the intimidation factor – and a reminder of burning crosses on the lawn.”


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