Yeti “that thing over there”

During a run of a show often there gets to be some interesting banter or comments made over headsets.  Especially once people get more comfortable and several page lulls are discovered.

Over the run of the last show I spent most of my time by myself, all alone, on the fly rail.  The fly rail in this theatre is on the third floor (it’s a hemp house so we don’t have counter weights), and unless I leaned over the rail I could not see any of the stage or another human being.  Also, I really only had four cues the entire show.  So I had long stretches of time where I had to be alert and ready to run down the stairs if an extra hand was needed, but usually just sat there.  I managed to read two books; crotchet two hats, a scarf, three small figures, and start an afghan; and painted three dozen glasses with the show name as a gift to the cast and crew.  In addition I shared jokes when there were long lulls.

Some of these jokes or random facts have been inserted into our backstage talk.  Such as Yeti being the Himalayan word for “that thing over there”.  And kangaroo meaning “I don’t know” in Aborigine.  Also a few quotes have made it to the door of our stage manager, “This is one of the times I wish my head was an etch-a-sketch so I could go like this :shakes head:”, “Smooth like pie.”

Today our light board op randomly asked if emus were fast.  I responded “Yes, and they kick very hard.”  For some reason that was my automatic response; odd, but it lightened the mood.


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