I have an addiction

Shortly after moving in and starting at my new job I picked up a new hobby, crochet.

Previously I had tried knitting, but was not overly fond of it.  Perhaps due to the project I worked on, a scarf that took much longer than I expected and ended up becoming a shawl since it was three times as wide as I had expected.

A very good friend of mine crochets and I always loved the hats and afghans she made, also the speed at which they were finished.  So I went out and bought a skein of yarn, a hook, and a guide to the basics.  Thus began my spiraling addiction.  After restarting a hat about four times I finished it and sent it off to my boy in London as a birthday present along with a scarf and little bird.  I discovered websites with cute animals to crochet, cool hats, scarfs.  Then began scouring book stores, bought another on creepy creatures.  Waited a few weeks and bought another book.  What really has fed this love of yarn and hooks was the local craft store that sent me coupons and ads for sales.  Just about every week they have some kind of yarn on sale.


Thus I have acquired a mountain of yarn for Christmas projects and more.  Did I mention that I gifted a chuthulu to a friend at work and now everyone is making requests for their own creatures?  Well, I seem to have an addiction and everyone is just feeding it.

Onwards to the next project.



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