The landscape under the fog

For some reason today I kept thinking about my drive this summer through the Catskill Mountains in New York.  Most of that trip was quite boring.  Rain through the afternoon.  Driving through seemingly endless, empty construction zones stuck behind a slow moving semi.  Weaving about the mountains, but only being able to see orange barrels illuminated by red tail lights.  Not the most exciting.

The evening and morning was what I kept recalling.  After the rain had passed I had arrived in the mountains where the sun sent leaping shadows across the valleys and peaks.  Through my mirrors I caught slivers of the sunset outlining the mountains.  i even was able to stop a few times at rest areas with scenic outlooks.  While the evening sun was wonderful, the morning was better.

I awoke early, several hours before I had planned feeling nauseuos and a bit groggy wondering where I was.  I quickly remembered I was in the cheep motel room I had stumbled across when I couldn’t drive another mile.  After double checking the clock several times I attempted to get some more sleep.  Rolling, tossing, and turning didn’t help so I gave up, showered and got back on the road.
The sun was just peaking over the horizon, birds and semis were the only noises.  Many of the valleys had yet to see fresh sunlight and thus were still dew coated.  Mountains rose above gray seas, islands covered with green specks.  Rivers and streams appeared out of the fog and wove about the trees flanking the road.  They flowed and bubbled to the soundtrack crackling through the speakers of my little Honda.  Then as suddenly as they appeared the water was engulfed, reclaimed by the fog.

At the time I didn’t want the morning to end.  Just wanted to free the world and keep the sun from moving in the sky.  Keep it from cresting the mountain tops and burning through the crisp fog.  In that morning I knew what I was doing, driving.  Driving towards a new job, a new place to live, a new chapter.  What that next chapter was going to hold, I wasn’t sure.  I wasn’t even sure where I was suppose to do, who I was to report to, or even when I was expected to start exactly.  But in that car I knew, I was transitioning, but I knew who I was in that moment.  A recent graduate moving my life halfway across the country to start my life as a young professional.landscape

While that chapter, this past summer, was not what I was expecting, it brought with it opportunities and people in my life that I would never trade.  The sun did continue it’s trek across the sky, it burned through the fog to reveal the landscape beneath.


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