It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without…

applesauce.  Specifically the applesauce based off of my grandmother’s recipe.applesauce-002

We will be in our first day of tech on Thursday, so we are ending a bit early and then having dinner at the theatre.  Everyone was asked to bring something that meant Thanksgiving to them.  So yesterday I spent several hours pealing, coring, cutting, and cooking apples.  The house filled with the rich scent of apples and cinnamon, applesauce-0071and the low bubbling of cooking apples.

While I won’t be able to be with my family this thanksgiving I can still keep some of the traditions up, and know that my family is doing the same thing that day.  In a way I will be with family, not my biological family, but with the family the theatre has formed.  And hopefully this new family will enjoy part of my Thanksgiving tradition, I know I will.


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