New Year’s Eve plans

I find it hard to believe that 2008 is coming to a close.  As one of my roommates said, “This was the year I thought would never come.”  Throughout my life I’ve had deadlines and important dates, finish high school and college, becoming old enough to drive, to drink.  2008 was my major deadline.  The year I graduated college and moved on into the “real world”.  Now I find that I do not have any definitive deadlines for my life.  No cut off dates for when stages of my life need to occur.

Instead of a New Year’s resolution I am making myself a few goals.  Both a list of major goals, such as finishing a second draft of my play, and minor goals of things I would like to do, such as watching the sunrise.

For tonight I’ll be celebrating the end of a year that brought many wonderful and some scary things.  The people I have met this past year, experiences I’ve shared with them.  Graduating college, getting a job, and moving out to live on my own.


So here is to the end of a spectacular year, and the beginning of another.


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