This poem was something I was not fully sure where it came from.  A combination of reading an article about child abuse and violence due to television, needing to write a poem for class, and a combination of my own nightmares.  My professor told me that he had nightmares after reading it, whether that is good news or bad for me I was not sure.  This was perhaps the best poem that came out of that class.  It wasn’t forced or attempting to be beautiful, but merely attempting to capture something real.


She will have no cognition of it. Discarded
to an almost stranger while her parents snuck
into the lonely city.

After images burned into her eyes, copies
of MTV anarchic violence, wrapped in a rap’s rhythms
and rhymes. The child cried, unsure.

The stranger shouted, threw jagged
toys to extinguish the voice.
Turbulence echoed through the sudden silence.

She was struck by the shuddersome stranger. Her
body was pressed into Legos cluttering
the floor, imprinting her skin with dots of Trademarks.

Finally the child was cast aside,
trying to hide behind thin shadows
without touching her cobalt mottled skin.

She will be told to forget it all. Taught
to burn out her retinas, to bleed out her ears,
to become empty. Never to recall it.

-Dawn Wilfong


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