Reclaiming My Soul

I am at the end of a vacation that was long overdue.  For the past several years I’ve been going at pretty much full tilt trying to get through undergrad, summer stock, senior thesis, more summer stock, and seasonal theatre.  All of it activities I love and there is nothing I regret, but with everything I’ve been doing I’ve had very little time for myself.  To just sit and think, figure out goals and plans for the next few years.  In some ways I felt like I had lost my soul, lost some part of me in all of the whirlwinds of activity.

Leaving the coast was hectic, I left much sooner than I anticipated but hit a lot of traffic.  Then I hit the Shenandoah Mountains, all of a sudden I turned a corner and there they were.  Lit with the soft glow of a hazy sunset, purple lilacs popping out of rolling mist covered mountains.  I wanted to just stop and look at them,  sadly all of the turn-offs were for the opposing traffic.  But just driving through them set a tone to my vacation, relaxing and calming.  I arrived in Indiana at an absurd hour of the morning and crashed on a couch for a few hours.  Indiana was really where I found myself and got confirmation I was making the right decision.  I spent hours talking with my best friend, wandering around or just sitting in her room, catching up and discussing future plans.  Visits with college friends and professors confirmed I had made the right decision on both my job and future plans of grad school.  After those few days I feel more confident and satisfied with myself.

After a long drive through the fields of Indiana and Michigan I arrived at my parents.  The past few days have been most relaxing around the house with my family.  I’ve reached the point, like many of my generation, where my parents house is comforting but not quite home, and after a few days I feel like it’s time to go back east and pick up my life again.  All the pieces of myself that had been slowly chipped away over the past few years, the past few months especially, have been put back on or repaired in some way.  I’ve found all the pieces of my soul and now I’m ready for the next adventure life has to throw at me.


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