New surroundings

A little over a week ago we spent our first night in the new apartment.  While I do miss having air conditioning, this place is a far improvement.

Hardwood floors and high ceilings, in addition to large windows in each room, make the small apartment feel much larger than our old townhouse.  Being on the fourth floor we get some pleasant breezes blowing through the open windows, ceiling fans assist in keeping the rooms cool.  Carrying everything up three flights of stairs was slightly exhausting, especially since we managed to pick some of the hottest days of the entire week to move in.  Now that we’ve been here a few days the cat is much more relaxed.  He spent most of his first couple of days hidden under my bed or hidden in our linen closet.  Now he’s adjusted enough that he now wants to explore the landing outside our front door, which he has only escaped to once and was promptly brought back inside.  The cat has taken to lounging on the windowsills or peering out them at the people walking by below.

I am very much looking forward to winter in this apartment, awaking and feeling the warmth of sunwarmed floors on my feet and having cool sunlight shine through the large windows.  For now though I am enjoying summer and perhaps tomorrow I will venture back out to the beach to relax in the sun again.


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