NaBloPoMo – Discovering it by Accident

Today I was struggling what to write about.  I have several post ideas mulling around in my head, but today is not their day.  The words haven’t finished forming so I’ll leave them in my head to finish maturing.

It often takes me a little bit of time for an idea to shape itself out before I get it down on page.  I try as much as I can to jot down notes to remind me.  Of course, occasionally I’ll have a great idea while driving or away from any paper and can only hope that it doesn’t drift off before I get a chance to jot it down.

In my writing classes, we were always encouraged to keep a daily journal.  The goal of that journal: write something everyday.  Like a muscle, your writing skills need to be worked out on a regular basis.  During the semester I was great at sticking to the habit of writing each day.  But after the semester was over I would gradually stop.  There was no long someone I had to report to if I didn’t write.

To give myself some motivation I’ve marked a box to check off each day this month for both writing my novel and making a blog post.  And if the words don’t mature I can look to writing prompts for inspiration.

Luckily, I looked at the prompt area that WordPress has and there I noticed something about NaBloPoMo.  Now I knew what NaNoWriMo was but this was something new.  I followed several links and discovered I had decided to participate in something I didn’t even know existed.  On the first I decided I was going to blog everyday this month, which maybe ambitious along with writing 50k words for a novel.  But I’ve always found journaling is an excellent tool to get my writing muscles stretched for fictional writing.

So today I signed up for BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo.  Hopefully you’ll tag along with me on this adventure.


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