My Writing Space


This is my home writing space.  This past weekend I spent a chunk of time Saturday morning clearing some of the clutter, paying bills, and organizing.  My goal is to keep it a clear workspace.

This window alcove was not the first location for my desk in our apartment.  Initially it was against the wall separating the kitchen from the living room.  It fit well there, but unfortunately quickly became a dumping ground rather than a useable desk.  That original desk was an inexpensive desk I picked up from Walmart when I first moved to Virginia.  With no drawers, two badly sized shelves, it was not my ideal desk.  After about a year in our apartment I decided, four years had been a pretty good life for that desk and it was time to upgrade to real furniture.  After spending a few months searching, I discovered this great laptop desk.  One of it’s features is that it has two panels that fold down over the laptop area, turning it into a regular desk.  This way i don’t have to move my laptop if I need the added workspace.

I was at work when the desk arrived.  I was fully expecting to spend that evening reading over plans, tightening screws and probably cursing a bit.  When I got home, Ryan surprised me by not only having constructed the desk, but rearranging the living room.

Now my desk sits under the window, with a view of our neighborhood street.  The alcove makes it feel a little more closed off and private, even though it’s in our main living area.  On one of the alcove walls I have a small corkboard where I keep notes, inspiration, and a few fortunes from fortune cookies.

Since we are on the top floor of our building, I get a wonderful view of the sky.  If I choose I can lean forward and watch our neighbors walking their dogs, but it is easy enough to tune out the outside world and get lost in writing.

Hopefully I can keep the desk clean and clear the entire month.  I tend to be a bit of a cluttered person.  But in general it is organized clutter.  In college a cluttered desk didn’t bother me.  But now I’m finding that clutter adds just enough stress that it can be hard to focus.  If I’m zoned in on writing I can ignore it.  But when my brain is drifting towards becoming blocked, clutter is a major distraction.

Sunday morning I got into the zone.  Sitting there with a cup of coffee, a bit of music, and the slowed bustle of neighbors going to and fro on their Sunday routine, I got into the zone.  I doubled my word count for my novel.  I also didn’t notice the wonderful breakfast Ryan made until it was almost too cold.  Luckily I finished and he reminded me it was there while the eggs were still warm.


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