Red and Blue Flashing Lights

Last night, driving home from dinner, I was startled when a cop car blew through an intersection.  The car’s lights were flashing, but the siren was silent.  There was plenty of space, and I was in no danger of getting into an accident, but it startled me.  One moment the street was empty, lit by the glow of the green light.  Then the blue and red flashes suddenly illuminated the police car breezing through a red light.

A number of times I’ve seen this happen.  Cops using their sirens and lights to run red lights.  Occasionally, I’ve discovered that same car a few blocks away parked, clearly waiting in a speed trap.

This was not a case where the officer was abusing their power.  A few blocks later a store front was illuminated in red and blue as the cops leaped from the car, weapons drawn.  Caught in their headlights were two hooded individuals, smashing in a window.


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