VEDA Wrap Up

April has come and gone and I’ve finished my first VEDA.  Well more like VEDEWWAAFMD (Vlog Every Day Except Wedding Weekend And A Few More Days).

30 days and 20 videos later, I am quite pleased with how the month went.  I only missed 10 days worth of videos. Up until the wedding weekend I had a video up everyday. Time got a little away from me with friends and family in for the big day and I realized I would rather spend my time with people or sleeping than making and editing videos.  Then towards the end of the month I felt a little ill and not up for doing anything but napping and Netflix.

Even with missing several days, I feel very accomplished. Over the month I feel like I’ve gotten more comfortable in front of the camera, something I’ve been struggling with since starting Roll 4 Initiative. Got more acquainted with my camera and editing software. And made some new connections through the channels.

Roll 4 Initiative hit 200 subscribers. Which is just… Wow! The community we’re starting to form is absolutely fabulous. Comments are almost always positive, and the few negatives are not from regular subscribers and probably just a sign that we’re growing large enough to be noticed.

So what does the future hold?

Well, Ryan and I are going to continue aiming to get at least one video out on Roll 4 Initiative each week on Fridays.  As for my personal channel, you can expect new videos every Tuesday.  I’ll be posting videos about what we’ve been up to, vlogs about what’s on my mind, and who knows what else.

Thanks for coming along on this adventure with us!


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