From Around the Web | 9/8/15

Decided to start posting a list of interesting things I’ve found around the internet on a weekly basis. Still trying to come up with a good name for the series. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

It never ceases to amaze me how much music impacts film and tv. Even a small change can completely shift the mood of a piece.

The Bloggess wrote a beautiful love letter to libraries that brought me to tears.

Here’s a fantastic cartoon explaining what sexist micro-aggressions are for “nice guys” who are trying but don’t realize how their actions are received. If only the feminist faerie were real.

Teaching Trigger Warnings an article that approaches trigger/content warnings in classrooms from a positive standpoint rather than just labeling millennials as lazy. It looks at how (when used correctly and not abused) they open up lines of communication to discuss troubling or traumatic events in an environment that is safe for everyone.


One thought on “From Around the Web | 9/8/15

  1. All great posts and they make you stop and think. I was really intrigued by the difference of major and minor keys. Even though I knew it, listening to the actual sound difference of movie themes really struck it home. I also may pass the love letter to librarians on to my local library. So many of us feel that way. The micro-aggressions one really made those subtleties clear and I fully agree with the Trigger warnings – your are much better prepared to deal with potential upsets if you are warned of the possibility.


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