From Around the Web | 9/15/15

This really made me giggle. What are your favorite network and device names?

Really looking forward to Krampus! Did anyone else think “it’s Ben Wyatt” when they saw Adam Scott? Just me?

The First Amendment has two clauses, the lesser known clause the “Establishment Clause” prohibits the government from ranking on religion over any others. That’s something a lot of people need to remember in today’s society.

I wonder if this was inspired by the Google April Fool’s Day hunt a few years ago, or if the April Fool’s Day was inspired by the game. Either way, I know a lot of people who will be searching for Pokemon in the real world.

We’ve all been pronouncing “He Who Must Not Be Named” wrong this entire time. Or was it all a trick so that we weren’t really saying his name?

In other pronunciation news I couldn’t get through the first 10 letters of this town’s name without becoming tongue-tied.


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