2016: Goals for a New Year

2016: Goals for a New Year

I’m almost a week late with this post but I have a good excuse… Ryan and I were in Amsterdam over the New Year and just got back. Keep an eye out as I’m planning on posting a few blog posts and sharing some pictures. (If you follow me on instagram and twitter you may have seen a few but I will be posting some extras here.)

Over the years I’ve occasionally attempted New Year’s resolutions and have mostly failed at them. Very typically, I’ve done great for a few weeks and then stopped when I got too busy or it became too much of a chore to stick with it. So this year, I’m not setting resolutions but am going to share some goals and over the months I’ll check in on how I’m doing and essentially grade myself. This is partially inspired by Wil Wheaton’s Life Reboot.

So the goals for 2016 are:

  • Read 40 books
  • Post a video every week
  • Take more pictures
  • Write more
  • Eat better
  • Walk more

Read 40 Books

Last year I read 34 books. I had challenged myself to read more, at the end of 2014 I realized I wasn’t reading as much as I use to. Growing up books were my friends, my refuge, and my escape. I loved opening up the pages of a book, smelling that bookish smell and diving into a world created with words and my imagination. But over the years, due to school and work, I stopped reading as much and looking back I missed it. 34 books is a decent amount. It’s more that the goal I set. And I think 40 is completely doable goal but still pushes me a bit.

Post a video every week

Ryan and I have talked about some changes to make on Roll 4 Initiative. I won’t go into it here as we’re still hashing it out, but I will post our plan once it’s a little more concrete. No worries though, we’re not going away.

So last year I stuck with the video a week for quite a while. Then things got busy, I hit a mental slump; video making and editing fell to the side and then it became really hard to get back into it. So this year, I don’t want to miss a week. If I keep with it and don’t allow myself to “take a week off” then I think I won’t hit as much of a slump. With a little planning I can even make sure there are videos even when both Ryan and I are busy.

Take more pictures

I really enjoy taking pictures. Especially candid photos of friends and family. While I often take pictures with my phone, they are usually of pets or random things I put up on instagram. I’m going to start keeping my camera with me more and challenging myself to take more pictures (with phone or camera) of friends and family. I’m hoping to capture at least one photo each day… but we’ll see.

Write more

NaNoWriMo was an amazing experience. Even though I didn’t win and haven’t finished my first draft it helped kick me in gear to write more. This year I’m hoping to finish my first draft of my novel. I also want to write here more as well as writing in a journal. For years I’ve shied away from keeping a personal journal for reasons that now are obsolete. Not only will journaling help me advance my writing skills, but it’s also a great way to log exciting events or observations on slower days. I want to be able to flip back through a journal to look at what I was thinking on a special day, or help remember what I did on a vacation. Some of that might make it’s way here in blog posts, some might stay private. We’ll see.

Eat better

This one is partially inspired by our trip to Amsterdam. Every morning we started the day with a full breakfast and most days we only had either a late lunch or an early dinner. But because we were eating good, filling food we weren’t hungry. I felt fresher, more alert, and lighter. So we are going to attempt to get up early enough for a full breakfast (no more skipping it or grabbing a donut on the way to work) and then have a light lunch and dinner.

Also, I want to eat more fruits and vegetables. Something that makes me feel good, but I’m not great at doing.

Walk more

We walked just about everywhere in Amsterdam. While I would love to do that back home, it’s not possible. (walking to work would take 9 hours!) I’ve tried running and it’s not something I’m great at by myself and often my joints protest it too much. But walking is something I can do and I need to walk Helo in the mornings and evenings. She loves long walks, but as the weather’s gotten cold and dark I’ve been taking her on shorter and shorter walks. No more! I’m going to use our walk time to get a little exercise and just enjoy being outdoors, away from a screen, and explore our neighborhood more.

So there they are. Completely doable goals and most aren’t specific enough that I can feel like I’ve failed and give up. As long as I’m attempting them I’m making progress.

I’ll check back in on this in a month or so and let you know how I’d grade myself on each one. In the meantime here’s Ryan and I sitting in a Tardigrade chair:



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