2015: Retrospective

2015: Retrospective

2015 turned out to be a big year for me. Going into it, I don’t think I could have predicted what the year would bring.


11206054_928553708982_5926062998081894459_n2015 was the year that Ryan and I decided to jump in headfirst and plan our wedding. After almost 4 years of being engaged, we realized that we kept putting off the actual wedding because there just never seemed to be a “perfect” time. So we just set a date (2 months out) and ran with it.* Neither of us wanted a huge, fancy wedding. Our priorities were that at the end of the day we were married, surrounded by our closest friends and family, there was great food and everyone had a good time. We settled on our location (ceremony and reception) and since we were at a restaurant, we used them for our catering. I found my dress. Ryan figured out his ensemble. We tasted cupcakes and decided on flavors. And I spent most of my evenings busy prepping the smaller stuff while Ryan was in rehearsals for the play he was directing that opened two days before our wedding.

Looking back it was a bit insane, but it was perfect.

There were a few mix-ups on the day, nothing that didn’t get smoothed over. At the end of the day, we were officially married, we’d eaten some amazing food, and laughed and cried tears of joy with our family and friends surrounding us.


*Not going to lie, we had been watching Parks and Rec and may have been partially inspired by Andy and April.


A few months after the wedding, my car began to crap out. My trusty Honda Civic, which was more than 20 years old, began to slowly fall apart. It hadn’t been doing too great, but I quickly realized I was taking it in for some repair just about once a month and sooner than later one of those repairs was going to be major.

So I started looking for a new car. I did quite a bit of research online and found some used cars that seemed like they fit our needs. I test drove one, and decided I disliked both the car and the sleazy used car place I tried it at. Then Ryan and I went to test drive another used car and the saleperson convinced me to check out a new car. We still tried the used car, but I decided I didn’t like how it handled and as soon as I started driving the new car I knew it was the right  kind of car for me.

IMG_0995We didn’t buy it that day. I was insistent that I wanted to sleep on it. And I’m glad I did. What I ended up deciding was going with a slightly different model that I really liked as well as we realized it had features we wanted that the other car lacked for about the same price.

Video Making

At the start of the year I dove back into making videos for Roll 4 Initiative. I’d gotten a new computer so I could start editing again. Found a community to post and interact with. And for several months we stayed on top of uploading once a week.

Then in April I decided to be completely insane and attempt VEDA along with finishing up the plans for the wedding and you know, get married. I made it through 2/3 of the month, but was very pleased with the progress and accomplishment.



November brought with it surprisingly warm weather and lots of writing. This year, I really pushed myself to do NaNoWriMo. I started the month strong and discovered that write ins or just writing in coffee shops or the library is really where I focus and can tune out everything but myself and the words. While I didn’t “win” NaNoWriMo I made great headway on my first novel and have a complete outline and almost a full first draft.

Growing As a Person

I turned 29 this past year. Entering my last year in my twenties I was still a little unsure of who I was. While I’m still a little unsure (and there’s plenty of room for me to grow) I feel like I have a better personal identity than I did a year ago. Certainly more than I did in my early or mid-twenties. More on that later though.


In addition to our yearly GenCon trip. Ryan and I finished out the year in Amsterdam. It was amazing and the best trip I’ve ever been on. We both fell in love with the city and found it difficult to leave. Keep an eye out here, as I’m planning on posting a few blog entries and photos from the trip.IMG_1716

So 2015 was an awesome year. Sure there were hard times, frustrating times, and dark times. But looking back, I’m choosing to focus on the good times. Focus on the nights spent playing games with friends. Focus on the lazy mornings snuggled up with the love of my life. Focus on the simple pleasures, like walking Helo or cuddling with River.

Here’s to 2016! Hope that you are able to fill this year with love, joy, and hope. That the good times outweigh the bad. Thanks for reading, for coming along with me on this journey. I can’t wait to see what’s next!


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