Amsterdam Day 2: Intriguing and Infuriating Art

Amsterdam Day 2: Intriguing and Infuriating Art

After sleeping in a bit, we were still getting over the jet lag, Ryan and I headed off for a filling breakfast. Only a few blocks away was Omlegg, a restaurant that specialized in omlettes. A few bites in, both Ryan and I agreed it was definitely a place to go back later in the trip. Ryan had an omelette called the “Viking Farmer” and I enjoyed an omlette with mushrooms, bacon, and red peppers. Simple ingredients, but the quality was amazing and the eggs were more flavorful than American eggs. I also enjoyed that by the door was a stack of crates full of oranges, when I ordered orange juice it came freshly squeezed.


Our next stop was an attempt at seeing the Van Gogh museum, but they had already sold out for the day. Not to worry, the Stedelijk museum was next door and had hardly any line. We wandered through the modern art museum. I particularily enjoyed an exhibit on the art of design which featured furniture, kitchen objects, and posters from over the years. It was fascinating to see how the design shifted and changed, in some ways it seemed to reflect the culture of the time.

Just a few of the posters on display
Sculptures by Isa Genzken

Towards the end the museum there was a piece that really frustrated Ryan called “Wall pitted by one air-rifle shot” that was just giant letters on the wall, but the wall hadn’t been pitted by an air-rifle. Instead the artist explained that he just had to have the idea, he didn’t have to make anything with it. So pretentious! Even later that night, Ryan was still pissed off when he thought about that piece.


It was still light out when we left, so we wandered over to the Vondelpark and strolled along the paths and by the ponds. There were lots of families, biking couples, and dog owners playing with their dogs. While we stopped on a bridge to take a photo, I heard squawking and chattering over our heads. Looking up I was surprised to see green parrots (which I later found out were parakeets) I couldn’t believe my eyes! Ryan teased me for taking so many pictures, but once I realized they were there I saw those birds everywhere.

By then it was starting to grow dark and we were hungry for some dinner. Back to the Museumplait where we stopped in a pub whose walls were coated in years and years of rugby posters. Ryan had a savory burger, again simple but well executed, and I enjoyed a salad with some amazing goat cheese. We tried bitterballen, not what I expected it to taste like, but good. There was a bit of an anise flavor that surprised me. The pub cat even stopped by for a few pets before strolling off.IMG_3230

Not feeling quite ready to call it a night, we checked out a bar a few blocks away called Cafe Brecht. It was chill, full of young intellectuals, and absolutely tiny.  We found a couple of armchairs and settled in with some drinks while discussing the trip, theatre, and the art we’d seen earlier that day.


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