Storytelling through Knits

Storytelling through Knits

There is a story in every item I knit. The click of the needles replaces the scratching on a pen. Yarn twists rather than plot. Every sweater and hat and scarf tells a story.

Gifts in particular tell a story. A story about the recipient. The yarn that I pick. The pattern I choose. The care put into the scarf tells a story of how I see that person, what I wish for them to feel and know.

There’s an unspoken story in knitting. The thoughts racing through my mind as I click and clatter my way across a row. The worries that unwind themselves from my shoulders as the ball gets smaller and smaller.

You can tell the weather in what I’m knitting. Winter brings sweaters, hats, all things woolen. Spring and summer finds me knitting smaller projects; projects that won’t overwhelm me both in stress or heat. Fall is the time for presents, knitting constantly in preparation for the holidays.

What stories does your hobby tell?


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