Amsterdam Day 6 : Dutch Masters

Amsterdam Day 6 : Dutch Masters

After enjoying truly gorgeous weather, we awoke on our sixth day in Amsterdam to a grey rainy day. Luckily, we had planned for the weather.

After bundling up and grabbing our umbrellas we set out to track down what we thought was an Australian-South America restaurant for breakfast. We had perused their menu online the night before and we were looking forward to something a little different and very hardy for the cold wet day. While the food was good, it was not at all the menu listed online and was a bit overpriced. Not wanting to venture back out into the cold I enjoyed my yogurt, granola, and pouched pair while Ryan had an egg dish (that honestly I can’t remember now).

Since we had known the weather would be cold and wet, we had already reserved tickets to the Rijksmuseum. So it was back to the Museumplein.

The Rijksmuseum is dedicated to Dutch art and history. We spent a long amount of time in the armory and a room filled with the most stunning model ships. Seriously, one of the model ships was almost the size of my car. It was fascinating learning about the Dutch shipbuilding methods as well as seeing the incredible craftsmanship that went into the guns and swords in the collection. Got some inspiration for weapons for our next D&D game.

The library at the Rijksmusuem.

There is also a large number of masterpieces by some of the Dutch Masters, including Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch”. Pictures can not do this painting justice. I never fully appreciated the scale of the painting until I was standing in front of the 11′ by 14′ masterpiece that took up an entire wall of the gallery it hangs in. Even though there was a large crowd around it, you could clearly see and appreciate it. I almost wish I could have stood farther back and had an unobstructed view to take in the entire painting. Rembrandt’s use of light is stunning, drawing your eye in.


In addition to the masters, the museum had a number of pieced by some modern artists that were inspired by some of the paintings in the museum’s collection. While vastly different in subject, I could see the inspiration of light and texture from Rembrandt’s work.

Untitled Untitled

After a full day in the museum, we decided to pop into a local grocery store and try out some meat and cheeses. The meat mostly tasted the same, although the roast beef had a heartier flavor to it than what we usually get in America. The cheese was all spectacular. We also picked up some paprika chips that I loved. They tasted similar to barbecue chips, but with a slightly milder flavor. I really wish I could find these in the states. (If anyone knows where I can find these, let me know!)



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