2016 Goals: Six Month Check-In

It’s been six months since I posted my goals for 2016. Figured it’s about time to check in and see how I’m doing.

Read 40 Books

Grade: B  (17/20)

I’ve consistently stayed a little behind on this goal every month. Currently I’m at 17 books after finishing two yesterday. For a moment I didn’t think I would make it because I started rereading the Harry Potter series in March when I came down with a flu and initially I didn’t count them. Then I realized, even though I was rereading, it still counted as reading.

Post a video every week

Grade: F. Big fat F. (5/26)

Seeing as I haven’t posted a new video since early April, I am not doing well on this goal. I’ve been in a bit of a creative rut recently. Plus I’ve been struggling a bit with rationalizing all the time and effort I put into video making verses what I get out of the experiences. A part of me wants to try doing a few daily vlogs, but again I’m struggling on if that would be interesting enough to bother with the time. Going to keep this goal and perhaps modify it for the second half of the year.

Take more pictures

I’m not grading myself on this one and I’m putting this goal on hold for now. It’s difficult to track and is something that I don’t think really adds to my overall happiness by trying to hold myself accountable on this one. When I have been out traveling I’ve taken pictures. But when my day to day life is pretty mundane there doesn’t seem to be much to take pictures of that aren’t just duplicates of the days before.

Write More

Grade: C+

I have not been posting here. That’s a habit I want to work on in July. Besides that, I’ve been writing a lot for work and have started the early writing for a new novel concept I just got.

Eat Better

Grade: B+

Since January I’ve been pretty good about bringing a healthy lunch most work days. This past month, Ryan and I sat down and figured out a meal plan for each week. 5 days worth of healthy lunch and dinner made ahead of time. Then on the weekends we can eat out or order in as a treat. This has really made a change towards healthy eating habits and I’m looking forward to seeing the affects in a month or two.

Walk More

Grade: A

Out of all my goals, this one I have done the best. Every day, Ryan and I take Helo for a walk beside the river. Sometime we do the walk twice in a day. We also just purchased bicycles, so our weekends have found us biking around our neighborhood instead of driving. I haven’t noticed any significant change, but my clothes are fitting better and overall I feel like I have more energy.

Stay tuned! I’ve got a new to me way of tracking my goals/habits and will share that with you along with updated goals for the second half of the year in a future post.


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