Bullet Journal: Goal Tracking

Bullet Journal: Goal Tracking

I’ve been using the bullet journal method on and off for almost two years now, and consistency using my journal since January. Also since January, I’ve been working on trying to set and keep some goals for this year.

Initially the idea of a lot of my goals was great, I had clearly outlined what I wanted to work on in the coming months. But as the months passed, I realized a lot of those goals weren’t clearly quantifiable. Eating better is great, but how do I gauge how well I’m doing on that goal. Even things that were easier to gauge, like walking each day I found difficult to hold myself accountable when I didn’t have anyway to track and reflect.

Enter a goal/habit tracker.

Initially I had these on my weekly spreads for the month of April. I chose 5 habits I wanted to track. I didn’t set any goals for that month because I wanted to see what my habits were first and then I could set realistic, attainable goals.


What I found with the weekly was that it was very easy to reference. However, I never could figure out how to incorporate it into my weekly spreads in a way I liked and it was a lot harder to see big picture how I was doing. I knew setting weekly goals was going to get too tedious for me to keep up and if I had an off week – for whatever reason – it would be discouraging and might put me off the whole thing.

I got the idea of moving to a monthly tracker from Kara over at Boho Berry. By creating a spread with every goal and habit I wanted to keep track of it’s very easy to refer to and see how I’m doing and notice trends. Each day I flip to my month calendar to see that day’s events and I check off the previous days habits at the same time.ย  At the end of the month, I go back and count up each row and see how I did.


In May I used the monthly tracker and it was the first month I set myself goals. I did fairly well in most categories. A work trip caused some of my habits to get thrown off f and I could see that reflected on the spread for May and June.


In June I did even better on most, still not meeting the goals I had set but much closer.


For July I’m going to keep up with the habits I’ve been good at and this month I’m focusing on improving two habits.

One I’ve been tracking – but not sticking with – and that is exercise. Walking daily has already made a difference, I have more energy and I feel a little healthier. But I do want to tone up a few places and up my strength. For that I am going to start following a light lift routine. My hope is to do that every-other day for the month of July. I will keep you posted trusted readers. And ideally if I succeed in that habit I will incorporate an at home yoga or Pilates routine for the off-days in August.

The second habit is this here blog. Posting again. I want to get back into the habit of posting here on a regular basis. My hope is to do two posts a week. Whether that’s gaming related, sharing a weekend, a recipe I want to share, or just a piece about something that’s on my mind. I’m aiming to post something in this space every Tuesday and Friday.


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