Hunting for Pokemon

Hunting for Pokemon

When I first heard of Pokemon Go almost a year back, I wasn’t sure if I’d be into the game or how well the AR would work. I’d grown up playing a few of the games, watching a few episodes of the television show and having several friends who were avid fans.So the nostalgia factor was strong enough that when I saw #pokemongo trending on twitter, I scooted over to the app store and downloaded the game to see if it lived up to the hype. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

Location, location, location.

I started up the game during my lunch break at work, stared at a screen that looked startling like googlemaps and saw nothing in sight. No Pokestops. No gyms. Nothing but roads and building outlines. Luckily, when I opened the game at home I was pleased to see half a dozen Pokestops within a block of our house and a gym. Location makes a difference in this game.


We’re at the mercy of the machines

Like most people who have tried the game I have come to loathe the load screen. Will the game actually load? Will I get the infuriating server issue screen? I have no control over this and once found myself postponing a walk with my dog in order to wait for the servers to decide to let me on.

Too many!

I have evolved a couple Pokemon to max. I’ve maxed out their levels as far as the game will let me without my trainer leveling up. And still I have over 100 of their candies. Dear Rattata and Pidgey, you can leave me alone for at least a few days? Let some of your other friends come out to play. Please?


Lures are effective on people and Pokemon alike

We went to a bar to watch the Eurocup final and there were several lures that were being set off at our location and a few on the same block. I have never seen so many people walking around that part of town. Flocks of trainers wandered through, staring and excitedly pointing at their phones when a rarer Pokemon appeared nearby.

It’s a whole lot of fun

By far one of my favorite moments from the weekend came when I was walking along the boardwalk with a number of my friends. We’d just finished dinner and decided to stroll and search for Pokemon. A lot of other people had the same idea. All of a sudden we heard someone cry out, “there’s a wild Vaporeon over there!” as that group took off down the boardwalk. We all flocked to the spot and began attempting to catch it. I wasn’t successful, but a number of my friends were. As we walked off a number of others asked if we got it. We all celebrated those who were successful and sympathized with those – like me – who had it slip through their fingers.


Just remember: Keep an eye on your surroundings

I did have to stop one of our group from being run over by a bicyclist, they both were staring at their phones trying to catch them all.



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