Five Things for Friday – On a Tuesday

Forgot to post this on Friday since I was too busy trying to get through BookTubeAThon. I read 2 3/4 books. Not nearly as much as I’d hoped but I also didn’t get any of the graphic novels read so all in all I did quite a bit of reading last week.

Excellent advice for anyone starting out in the workforce. Even for those of us who’ve been here a hot second.

Found a new puzzle game to fill downtime. I’ve made it to level 78 already… might be a contributing factor of why I didn’t complete the reading challenge.

Ryan and I are about 3/4 through Stranger Things. I love, love, love this show. So much suspense. The kids in the show are seriously talented. Plus, it starts with them playing D&D so you know that endeared it to me. What are your thoughts on the season? No spoilers please!

In addition to some questionable speeches at the RNC, I occasionally run into people who don’t understand copyright infringement when it comes to posting on the internet. Plagiarism has been on my mind recently, especially since Ryan went on a radio show this week to discuss the topic.


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