Struggling to Make New Habits Stick

As I mentioned about a month ago, I’ve been using my bullet journal to help track habits and goals.

Some of the new habits I’ve introduced I’ve had great success with such as bringing a lunch rather than eating out and reading everyday.

But others I’ve struggled to keep up. Specifically adding an exercise routine to my week. Out of the last month I only exercised 4 times when I had hoped to do some light lifting every other day. And I even fell behind on walking everyday, although that was due to an extreme heatwave and not wishing to melt onto the sidewalk.

I’m thinking part of the problem is that I don’t have a set time of day to do my exercise. My mornings are often rushed and lately when I come home I take the dog out and once I return I don’t leave the couch until it’s time to get ready for bed.

The other part that’s throwing me off is the every other day thing. I find it hard to keep a routine if it’s not everyday, it’s easy to forget what day it is when my alarm first goes off and sleep in or lose track of the schedule.

Ideally I’d like to start getting up a bit earlier and work out then, only 15-30 minutes earlier would give me time. One day I’ll do some light lifting and the other I will do a small yoga routine.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

What are your tips for getting a new habit to stick?


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