Reflecting on My 2016 Goals

For most of my life, I never set New Year’s resolutions. I think part of this is I never saw the New Year as a new start. The start of a school year always felt like the start of my “new year” and setting a resolution halfway through seemed odd.

But as I’ve transitioned into adulthood and no longer deal with school years or theatre seasons which start a new every fall, I’ve grown more open to the idea of New Year’s Day as an actual start to a new year.

Last year I set myself a number of goals, and before I set goals for 2017, I thought it would be appropriate to reflect back on what goals I accomplished and which ones I fell short on.

Read 40 books: I lost track a bit and did quite a bit of rereading this year. All that considered, I believe I read about 30 books. While I didn’t meet my goal, I think realistically 30 books a year is a better goal moving forward. I am a bit of a slow reader and if I really dedicated myself to reading and setting aside other hobbies, I could easily reach 40. However, I read almost everyday last year and I think that’s a habit that I’d like to keep up. So moving forward I’m sticking with the habit of reading every day rather than a quantity of books. Not to mention the length of books greatly affects the quantity.

Post a video every week: Well, this one  I did not succeed at. I delved some into why I stopped posting in this video. No need to say more here.

Take more pictures: Another goal I didn’t entirely stick with. I have been posting more to Instagram and have remembered to take more pictures of Ryan and I at important moments, such as purchasing our first home. Since I didn’t give myself a clear goal, I’m not sure if I can say I succeeded or not.

Write more: Again, not sure if I succeeded. I did not participate in NaNoWriMo this year (because we were moving into our first home). However I did write more consistently than the previous year.

Eat better: For the most part, I stuck with this. Over the year I brought my lunch (which is usually the healthier option) and ate less fast food. There were spurts throughout the year where I fell back on old habits. But I’m calling this one a success.

Walk more:  Ryan and I often took long walks every evening with Helo and almost every morning I took her on a decent walk. This is a goal I feel like I met.

So looking back I think part of my struggle with these goals is it was hard to quantify them. Except for the first two, I didn’t set myself clear, attainable goals. So I’m going to try and avoid that in 2017.

Stay tuned for my 2017 goals in an upcoming post.


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