Introducing: Friday 5

Introducing: Friday 5

Recently, my sister-in-law has been posting Friday positives, which is a list of positive things that have happened that week. She had gotten the idea from another friend and I’ve seen similar ideas floating around for a while.

So much of our media seems to focus on the negative things in life, and while 2016 was overall a bit of a dumpster fire of a year; there were plenty of great things that happened in my life along with plenty of small events that just made my day a little better. So I’m going to start (and try to stick with) what I’m calling Friday 5 (for now, if anyone has any series name suggestions, let me know in comments). Five positive things that happened to me over the week and/or things I stumbled across that made me smile that I wanted to share with you.

So, here’s the first week of Friday 5:

  1. I’ve stuck with the first six days of a daily yoga routine. While I’m still a bit shaky and my balance is not great, (looking at you dancer’s pose) I have felt more energized and clear minded these passed five days than I have in a while. If you’re interested, I’ve been using Yoga by Adriene’s Revolution: 31 Days of Yoga videos as my guide.
  2. This is my first week in my freshly painted (not fully complete) home office. It’s been a great way to start the year having my own little space in the house to not only do my yoga but also to create. Every time I walk into the room the color and pattern makes me grin.
  3. We started what we’re hoping will be a new tradition of kicked off the New Year with chili, board games and friends. This year we only had a few people over since we had only sent out invites the day before (oops) but it was a chill and great way to start the year. I knew it was a good day when, as I was getting ready for bed, I realized my face hurt from smiling and laughing so hard.
  4. We had a great week with 7th Sea. Had a session on Monday, where we accidentally avoided both the combat and may have taken the story in a whole new direction. Sorry Tucker! (our GM) And then the creator of 7th Sea shared our video about the system, what?!
  5. Ryan usually does the cooking, but this week I decided to make this mushroom fried rice. It was delicious and really quick. If you’re looking for an easy weekday meal or side, I highly recommend you give it a try.

What big or little things brightened your week?


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