Friday 5 | Week 2

Friday 5 | Week 2
  1. A snow storm effectively snowed us in all weekend. I was able to take a few short walks up and down our street with Helo bounding along in the snow alongside. Helo loves the snow and it was so much fun playing with her in it and watching her leap through it like a fox. Once we shoveled the driveway and had a brief snowball fight, we all retreated back inside for a TV marathon.
  2. During one of our snowed in days, I made my grandmother’s peanut butter cookies. I’m grateful that my mom took the time to get measurements and wrote down of all my grandmother’s recipes.
  3. We ventured out of the house on Monday and tried out Bonchon. Ryan had the wings and I had the chicken tacos. Very good and very spicy Korean bbq.
  4. Slowly working my goals for this year into my routine. Yoga and lifting are now integrated and next I’m going to find time to work in learning the ukulele.
  5. We have a very busy weekend ahead. A party and a couple performances to attend. After last weekend’s solitude I’m looking forward to spending this weekend with our friends.

How was your week?


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