2017 Goals: One Month In

It’s been about a month since I shared with you my goals for 2017, so I thought I’d check back in and fill you in on my progress. Here we go!


Welp, not starting out to a good start. I have not even taken my ukulele out of it’s case this month.

So that’s a big fat F.

Looking at the rest of my goals and my schedule I think I’m going to put this one on hold while I solidify my habits with some other goals and then in a month or two check back in and see where I can fit in time to practice in my weekly schedule.

Make Videos

I’m made four videos in 2017, that’s just under one a week. In addition, I’ve filmed some footage for a bigger video and have some new ideas for content. I also invested in a new camera, mic and tripod. Our old tripod was in serious need of replacement. After an initial kerfuffle where I filmed an entire video with the mic plugged in incorrectly, thus resulting in no sound, the rest of the time filming with the new equipment has been great. It handles low light so much better than my old camera which means that I can film in the evenings with less lighting hassle.

Giving myself an A on this one.


While I have not been writing 3 times a week, I have been taking more time to write for you on this blog and for myself. Haven’t started working on a first draft for either novel, but I’ve been mulling them over and figuring out the general plots.

C for effort.


Another goal I feel really good about. So far I’ve read almost everyday. I’ve finished 5 books this year, 3 of which were new. If I keep up this rate I’ll finish this one early.



Water has been good. I’ve almost entirely cut out my lunchtime sodas, replacing it with several glasses of water throughout the work day. I’ve noticed my energy level seems better and I’ve had less anxious spikes in the day. Either it’s due to cutting out the sugar or caffeine in the soda, or both.

I was doing so well with Yoga at the start of the month, halfway through the month I had a few rough mornings and lost my momentum. Since then, I have been doing a yoga routine several times a week, but not consistently and not the 5 times a week I’d set myself as a goal. I also lost momentum on lifting at the same time, but that I not gotten that back into my routine.

C+ for this one.

So overall, I think that averages to a C-. That ukulele is really bringing me down, if I don’t factor it in I’d give myself a B for the month. Off to a pretty good start overall and have some definite room for improvement.

How is you 2017 shaping up? Have you been sticking with your goals and resolutions?



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