Friday 5 | Week 6

  1. After several weeks of having busy weekends, we finally just had a chill weekend in and running errands. I was so serious about doing nothing that I wasn’t even aware it was Superbowl weekend until Friday as I was leaving work and a coworker made a comment about the game. My response was “Oh, right. That’s happening.” Can you tell I’m not a big football fan? But oh, a chill weekend was just what I needed.
  2. We had a fantastic session of 7th Sea on Sunday. We’re gaming with 5 different people spread across 3 states thanks to the magic of video chat. Isn’t technology great!
  3. I have started using a new moisturizer, it’s the Beauty Sleep Accelerator from Soap and Glory. Wow, this stuff is great! It really hydrates and the smell is amazing. After a few days, I mentioned it to Ryan and he replied something along the lines of: oh, that’s why your face has smelled really good the last few days.
  4. I made banana bread for the first time. Ryan is a big fan and we had a few overripe bananas that I didn’t want to just throw out. For years I didn’t like banana bread and so I was surprised when I tried a bite that I really liked it. Guess my tastes have changed since I last had some. If you’re curious, here’s the recipe I used.
  5. Almost everything about Elizabeth Warren being silenced in the Senate enraged me. What gives me hope is how many people are turning around McConnell’s words and using them as a rallying cry. My favorite I’ve see so far is a shirt by Contessa, and the proceeds go to help them get to Gen Con to run diverse games.

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