#100DaysofHealth 2 weeks In

#100DaysofHealth 2 weeks In

As we are coming up on the 2 week mark for my #100DaysofHealth challenge, I thought I’d share some reflections on how I’m feeling and the challenge so far.

One of the more challenging things I’m finding is fitting workout into my schedule. On days when I’ve got the evenings free it’s fairly easy, especially arm workouts since I can do those while watching TV with Ryan. And now that I’ve finished the 5k training, I’m planning on sticking with a regular running route (about 3 miles) so there won’t be as much variation on how long I’m out running which will make planning easier.

During the first week we got invited out to dinner one night with friends. I was supposed to go home and run, but told myself I would just shift my rest day up a few days to allow myself to still have fun and stick with the challenge. Well, that didn’t happen. I forgot on my normal rest day that it wasn’t my actual rest day and I even forgot to do yoga that day. Oops.

But that’s part of the challenge. I’m going to have days were I get busy or can’t for whatever reason and I’m not going to beat myself up about it.

On the more positive side, I feel pretty great. The first few days I slept horribly, no idea if it was related to the added activity or not. But now I’ve noticed I’m sleeping better and I feel more connected to my body. Yoga is definitely part of that.

On thing I’m going to try is shifting my runs to the morning. Which does mean getting up a little earlier two days during the work week. Bleh. However, I think this will remove the stress of having to choose sticking with my running schedule or being social. Plus as the weather warms up (summer in Virginia, ugh) I’ll be running during cooler parts of the day so it won’t be as much like running on the surface of the sun.

Depending on how early I get up I’ll either do yoga after the run, good cool down. Or, do yoga in the evening. Perhaps as a pre-bed wind-down.

I hope you’ve enjoyed following my updates on Instagram. Are you trying out any exercise or new health routines? How’s it going for you?


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