Gamer Workouts

Gamer Workouts

What really got me going on exercising and sticking with it was the Zombies 5k and Zombies Run apps.

As a gamer, I love the story, gathering supplies, building my base, all of it. And to do any of that I have to run, I have to move. It helps motivate me to actually get out there and run.

In addition to Zombies Run, here are a few ideas of geeky/gamer workouts:

Pokemon Go

I have also been using Pokemon Go on some of my runs. Two games at once! I think this app is great for gamers who want to walk/run/jog and also don’t like sticking to the same exact routes. Since different Pokemon are located in different environments, it encourages you to explore. And with eggs and now the buddy Pokemon, the game rewards you for moving. You can’t collect them all just sitting on your couch

Superhero Workout

I haven’t actually tried this but I’ve heard great things about other 7 minute workouts. The basic idea is you are training to be a superhero and some workouts are missions to save the world. Like Zombies Run (the same company created both) you have to exercise to level up and keep playing the game.

Load Screen/Death Screen Workouts

This isn’t an app like the others but a concept. Ryan has done this several times. You pick a lifting routine or short workout (like a 7 minute workout) to do during the load screens or every time you die during a video game. Depending on how many load screens you encounter or how difficult the game is you might not even break a sweat to being completely out of breathe. It’s not as reliable as a dedicated workout, but at least it’s something. Plus it helps motivate you not survive longer in game.


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