January Favorites

January Favorites


Here’s some snapshots from my life this week.

Arcadia Quest Heroes

Spent a good chunk of the weekend painting miniatures for a friend.

Sticky Frog

A visitor at the office.

Bullet Journal

Setting up my bullet journal. Trying to get motivate myself to stick to good habits.

Polar Bear Dog

Ryan got this for me a few weeks ago. She watches over us while we sleep.

Golden Hour BeginsHelo and I had a beautiful walk along the Hague.

Helo at Dog ParkHappy pup!

Shiny DiceGame time with the pup. (She was making sure we followed the rules)

Post GenCon Wrap-up

Post GenCon Wrap-up

Another GenCon has come and gone. I’ve pretty much kicked the mild concrud I picked up this year and very grateful I didn’t have the crud nearly as bad as many people I’ve heard on twitter. When there are 61,423 people all crammed into a convention center it’s hard to avoid the crud.

GenCon Haul

I actually remembered to film this year. And I was able to post a Day 1 video right away. Day 2-4’s video got delayed a bit due to internet issues and just being too exhausted when we got back to the hotel to even put together coherent sentences, let alone edit video.

This year’s GenCon featured a lot more role-playing games for me than previous years. I played in three different games with three different settings and systems. Continue reading “Post GenCon Wrap-up”

Lessons From Board Games

You don’t step straight up to the front of the ATM line. You don’t cut in front of people at the ticket desk. You take your turn. You can learn great life lessons from board games.

Garry Oldman

I grew up playing board games.  Our family regularly had a game night where we all would gather around the dining room table and play a game together. After moving out, I’ve continued playing board games with family and friends.

Continue reading “Lessons From Board Games”