Bullet Journal: Goal Tracking

Bullet Journal: Goal Tracking

I’ve been using the bullet journal method on and off for almost two years now, and consistency using my journal since January. Also since January, I’ve been working on trying to set and keep some goals for this year.

Initially the idea of a lot of my goals was great, I had clearly outlined what I wanted to work on in the coming months. But as the months passed, I realized a lot of those goals weren’t clearly quantifiable. Eating better is great, but how do I gauge how well I’m doing on that goal. Even things that were easier to gauge, like walking each day I found difficult to hold myself accountable when I didn’t have anyway to track and reflect.

Enter a goal/habit tracker.

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Why I Plan

Why I Plan

Through school and just about every job I’ve had, I’ve used some form of planner in addition to copious amounts of lists. While I’ve dabbled in digital planners and to-do lists, I keep coming back to analogue methods.

Post-it notes are great for short notes and lists. And recently I have adopted the Bullet Journal method of planning. I won’t go into a lot of detail about how the system works, maybe in the future I will share more on how I use it. But it’s the first planner I’ve used since school that I actually find useful.

Using a physical planner keeps me more organized because I find I retain more information that I’ve written out than if I type it. (However I find typing much faster for longer entries.)

With juggling work, theatre, and all the other projects I have going on, planning ahead keeps me from panicking when things get busy. While I do often have my schedule and to-do lists in my head. It’s reassuring to have them written down. I don’t feel like I’ve forgotten something when I can look at my week laid out on paper.

Plus it’s also so very satisfying to be able to check off tasks as they are accomplished; and it gives me a place to jot down thoughts and ideas. Later I can flip back through the journal to reference an idea or reflect back on a specific day or memory.