Friday 5 | Week 4 & 5

Week 4

  1. Things got a bit away from me last week and I found myself in a bit of a haze and forgot to post last week’s Friday 5. I need to keep some of the self-care advise in this article in mind in the weeks, months, years ahead. Sometimes it’s best to just walk away.
  2. Last Friday night I went to see Streetcar Named Desire and the reopening of The Wells Theater. Being back in that building brought back so many memories, both good and bad, and it was wonderful seeing and catching up with old friends.
  3. The Woman’s March in Norfolk was uplifting. Seeing that many people standing and walking together made me remember that I’m not alone. Which is what I needed last week.
  4. I started listening to Invisibilia last week while I was scanning a giant stack of paperwork. The episode about clothing was fascinating and kept me sane while I stood over the scanner for an hour. Definitely adding it to my podcast subscriptions.
  5. We had a few friends over for a day of board games and hot dogs. It was pretty low-key and chill, which is just the kind of day I needed.

Week 5

  1. They have started trimming away some of the shrubs on the empty lot next door. While I’m going to miss the privacy I’m temporarily enjoying our slightly better view of the marsh.
  2. Our review of Kettou was well received and it looks like we might be reviewing another new game in the near future so stay tuned.
  3. My dad had surgery this week. Everything went well, he is home recovering and has already started PT. I’m so amazed and grateful for the advancements in medicine that allow someone to have a hip replaced and be home walking (with a little help) by the next day.
  4. Had a lovely time at a friend’s going away party. Stayed out way too late and I’m grateful we could laze around most of Sunday.
  5. Our FLCBS had it’s first Ladies Night, there were soooo many people there which was amazing and also a little overwhelming for those of us introverts. I stayed for a bit, chatted with a few folks and picked up two new books, Something New by Lucy Knisley and Fun Home by Alison Bechdel. Ryan started reading Somthing New over breakfast this morning by the amount of giggling and outright laughter I heard I know I’m going to enjoy reading it.

Ghostbusters & BookTube-A-Thon

Ghostbusters & BookTube-A-Thon

Ryan and I checked out the new Ghostbusters movie on Sunday. I’d been looking forward to the movie since I first heard about it and it lived up to my expectations. Go see it. I mean it. It’s a great summer movie. Fun, exciting, great action sequences, and a killer cast. Kate McKinnon is my favorite and I’m tempted to see the movie again just so I can just watch Holtzmann in every scene.

In other news, I couldn’t sleep Sunday night and then I was thinking about books and remembered that BookTube-A-Thon started Monday. So at who-knows-a-clock I decided to attempt the challenge this year. With everything going on in the world right now, my brain could use a little escape and this might be exactly what I need.

Right now my TBR is:

Saga Volume 4
Saga Volume 5
Closer to Home
A Darker Shade of Magic
As You Wish
The Princess Bride

As you can see, there are 3 graphic novels on that list. Since I’ve got work during the day and other errands to do in the evenings I figured having 3 books I can breeze through in a few hours makes the challenge reachable. Plus I’ve been meaning to read those for months now.

* Recent events have really gotten me down, I’ve been struggling to write these last few days since I’ve been in a weird funk that I can’t shake. Apologies if this isn’t the worlds greatest post. But it’s something.