Post GenCon Wrap-up

Post GenCon Wrap-up

Another GenCon has come and gone. I’ve pretty much kicked the mild concrud I picked up this year and very grateful I didn’t have the crud nearly as bad as many people I’ve heard on twitter. When there are 61,423 people all crammed into a convention center it’s hard to avoid the crud.

GenCon Haul

I actually remembered to film this year. And I was able to post a Day 1 video right away. Day 2-4’s video got delayed a bit due to internet issues and just being too exhausted when we got back to the hotel to even put together coherent sentences, let alone edit video.

This year’s GenCon featured a lot more role-playing games for me than previous years. I played in three different games with three different settings and systems. Continue reading “Post GenCon Wrap-up”


Prepping for GenCon

Less than a week for GenCon 2015 and I still have a lot to do.IMG_1063

I’ve got my packing list and it’s pretty much finalized. At this point I’m just adding last minute things here and there just so I don’t forget anything. Stuff like a reminder to pack hand sanitizer, business cards, etc.  Hold on a sec, just thought of something else to add… Continue reading “Prepping for GenCon”