The Worst Game: Additional Thoughts

Recently I posted a video about a horrible game experience. In the process of making the video I wrote out a script to help articulate all my thoughts on the game. The script ended up being much longer than what I recorded, so I thought I would post the full script below for those who might be interested in more details about the experience:

Recently I had the worst gaming experience of my gaming career. There were several factors. One, the game did not fulfill the players’ expectations. Two, the player engagement was minimal. And the third part is more personal.

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The Worst Game | R4I

The Worst Game | R4I

Not every game is awesome. Dawn rants a bit about a bad game and discusses what she’s learned from the experience.

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Big, Black, Scary Wall

Today I rearranged my office at work.

I moved to this office about a month ago.  One of the perks of the office is that it has a window.  And we’re not talking about a tiny window that barely lets in any light.  One wall is a window.  For the past month I have enjoyed the natural light.  Enjoyed not needing to turn on the overhead florescent except for on the gloomiest days.  But this week, something changed.  With daylight’s savings it gets dark about an hour before I get off work.  Not only does this mean I have to turn on the overhead light.  But it also means that the window suddenly becomes a big black, scary wall.

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