January Update | R4I

Here’s what I’ve been up to recently


R4I Update – We’re Still Here

Hello everyone!  It’s been a while since we’ve posted new content and I am sorry.  We just got back from Gen Con earlier this week and still have to unpack.  Hopefully in the next few weeks we will have several videos up about our adventures at Gen Con, our game haul, and a few extra topics.

There are two main reasons for our lull in content. 

#1 we moved.  It was not a major move in distance, but we did move into a larger space.  Packing, painting, unpacking and organizing took quite a lot of time and most nights we were simply too tired to even think of turning on the camera. 

#2 We adopted a puppy!  Meet Helo the corgi-mix full of spunk!

HeloNeedless to say, adjusting to a new puppy in a home we just recently got settled in took some extra time and energy.  Stay tuned for new content!

5 Years & 2 Months

My first post on this blog was back in 2008.  It has been 5 years and 2 months since that post.  If you had asked 2008 me where I would be in 5 years, I don’t think I would have predicted where I am now.  A lot has changed in those 5 years. I’ve changed.  And I think it’s mostly for the better.

In 2008, I had just moved across the country to a new city and new job.  I had just graduated college, knew that I loved theatre and stage managing; but was unsure where to go next.

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