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Every game needs 3 things: world, story, and mechanics to stand up.

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What is your priority in a game?


The Start of Another Year

2014 has come and gone, now I have to remind myself to write a 5 instead of a 4 at the end of the date.  I’ve never been one for resolutions, but I do have some plans for this year.

One major plan is to vlog more.  I realize that my last post in August was stating that I was going to get back to posting on a regular schedule.  But I didn’t realize how much time running the show would take, and then my computer decided to kill my hard-drive. After the death of my computer in October I was unable to edit videos, and I just couldn’t bring myself to upload unedited videos with all the rambling I tend to do.  Hopefully by next week I will have my new computer and be ready to post a new video. The plan is to do upload on a more regular basis and do some more informal vlogs.

The other plan is to get in better shape.  When I was working backstage I never really had to think about exercise because my job was exercise enough.  Some shows I sat around for 2 hours with 15 second intervals of activity and others were 2 hour marathons of constant activity.  Now that I am sitting at a desk for most of the day, exercise needs to be something I think about.  Crazy schedules the last few months has also contributed to poor eating habits that I need to kick to the curb. I don’t think my health has really started to suffer from both these lifestyle changes, but I want to turn things around before it gets too late.

The final plan, well not so much a plan but more of a hope, is to write a novel.  The last two years I have worked shows during NaNoWriMo and quickly realized that doing both would be far too much.  Instead of waiting til November, I am going to slowly work on one story that I’ve been itching to write for over a year.  Depending on how quickly it goes I may attempt to write the other story that’s been bouncing around during NaNoWriMo.  We shall see.

So here’s to 2015. A year to get back on track both for my health and creativity.

Our Instant Society Has Lost Patience

Over the past few weeks it has become apparent to me that our society has gotten use to instant access.  Internet speeds are faster, bringing us instant entertainment and information. Cell phones allow us to communicate almost all the time.  And all of this instant access, I believe, has made us less patient as a society.

I noticed this during the last few days of tech for the production I’m working on.  Throughout the day, I was getting text and emails with various questions.  And a few times I would check my phone or email after stepping away (you know, to shower or eat) and discover an influx of messages that wanted immediate replies.  Many of which were things that should have been asked at rehearsal the night before.  A few were urgent enough that I felt the person should have called me.  Since often it is easy to not hear a text or email alert but a ringing phone is more difficult to miss.

I found myself becoming impatient with other people’s impatience.  I felt like I was being expected to be constantly at other people’s beck and call no matter what other project I was in the middle of.  Surely, they were not expecting me to drop everything and respond to a text, but that’s how I felt.

Then in rehearsal I found myself time and time again having conversations (about props/lights/actor needs) interrupted by another request.  As a stage manager, there are a lot of people vying for my time and attention, and I try to do my best to be available.  Usually juggling everyone has been easy enough.  But when I was not able to finish one note before someone started telling me another, I became frustrated.  Did they not care about the needs of the person who they interrupted?  Was a prop preset note so important they had to interrupt notes from the director? Was a scheduling question so important it couldn’t wait another minute?

At the same time, I caught myself once or twice doing the same thing.  And I had to remind myself to always start with “when you have a second” or “sorry to interrupt” if I was interrupting a personal conversation to bring up a rehearsal note.  To remind myself that everyone may not have the answer to a question right away.

This happens everywhere I look.  At work, people start conversations before they even walk into my office.  Regardless if I am available, on the phone, or in the middle of a project.  When calling customer service, I become impatient when placed on hold and don’t have instant access to help.  Standing in line at the coffee shop, people become agitated when the person in front of them slows down their order because they are on the phone at the same time.

A little patience goes a long way.  Even in our instant society, we can only juggle so many tasks at a time.  I wish that I could split myself into two, and deal with multiple issues and conversations at a time.  Until then, I have to remind myself to be patient and hope that others will be as well.

Power of Silence

In our modern age, silence is a rare thing.  The soundtrack of our lives is cluttered with music, chatter, and electronic hums.  Even now, sitting in an empty office I listen to the hum of my computer, the clicking of my keys, and the occasional car zoom by.  Theatre reflects this aspect of life.  Music covers the dark lulls between scenes.  Theatre is filled with words and sound.  But what happens when there is silence on stage? I see two types of silence, purposeful and accidental silence.

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Memory Lane

The other day I spent sometime reading through journal entries I wrote back in high school and college.  I strolled through the memories, recognizing many and a few seemed to belong to someone else.

After spending a few days ill, I decided I wanted to get a few posts ready and on hold in case I run into a particularly busy day, or feel too ill to sit down and post.  So I began looking over files of poetry I’ve written over the years.  Suddenly I remembered an old livejournal account I started in college.

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5 Years & 2 Months

My first post on this blog was back in 2008.  It has been 5 years and 2 months since that post.  If you had asked 2008 me where I would be in 5 years, I don’t think I would have predicted where I am now.  A lot has changed in those 5 years. I’ve changed.  And I think it’s mostly for the better.

In 2008, I had just moved across the country to a new city and new job.  I had just graduated college, knew that I loved theatre and stage managing; but was unsure where to go next.

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