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A New Year – New Goals

Welcome to 2014 everyone!

I’ve never been a big fan of New Year’s resolutions.  Often New Years falls at an inconvenient time in my schedule to start a new routine.  For example, right now I am in the middle of rehearsals for a show.  This means my evenings are busy, not allowing me much free time to tackle new plans or a new routine.

However, I usually try to set goals for the year.  This year, my goal is to post regular entries here as well as post vlog videos at least every other week on our youtube channel starting next week.

This year I want to continue learning ukulele.  Practice yoga more often.  Win NaNoWriMo. Attend GenCon. Play more games.  And generally live life to it’s fullest (while still indulging myself in introverted days of netflix binging and cuddling on the couch).

Here’s hoping 2014 is awesome!

Switching to 3 Posts a Week

November has come and gone, I managed to post everyday of the month.  Looking back on the month it has been fulfilling to post so much.  I feel my writing muscles loosening and growing strong.  At the same time it was a little exhausting.  I feel that I cheated a bit by just posting photos on some days.  A lot of people say that it takes about a month to pick up a new habit.  Blogging is a habit I’m happy to have fallen back into.

But with a busy schedule, blogging each day started to become a chore.  So I’m setting myself a new goal.  Post 3 times a week.  I’m going to aim for a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule.  That way I can focus on posting more on things that really inspire me, or give myself the time and distance to delve into deeper subjects.

I hope you tag along with me!