Am I a “Sell Out”?

Every now and then I struggle with choices I’ve made career-wise. A few years ago I was laid-off and accepted a job that shifted me into a slightly different field. The pay and hours are a significant improvement, I get to keep working creatively, can support myself and my husband financially, but I’m no longer working in theater.  I’ve struggled internally with the idea that I had become a “sell out”.

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Power of Silence

In our modern age, silence is a rare thing.  The soundtrack of our lives is cluttered with music, chatter, and electronic hums.  Even now, sitting in an empty office I listen to the hum of my computer, the clicking of my keys, and the occasional car zoom by.  Theatre reflects this aspect of life.  Music covers the dark lulls between scenes.  Theatre is filled with words and sound.  But what happens when there is silence on stage? I see two types of silence, purposeful and accidental silence.

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Read Through

Last night was the first read through for a show I am stage managing.  Sitting at the table, surrounded by the cast, I got lost for a few moments in the play.

First read through is one of my favorite rehearsals.  There are no blocking notes, no props to coordinate.  It is one of the few rehearsals that a stage manager can actually listen to the play.  I mean really listen.

Characters are still being fleshed out, but just listening to the rhythm of the cast I always get a glimpse at what kind of show and experience this production will be.  How well the voices blend or stand out from each other give a hint to how the cast will be as an ensemble.

A Very Special Level of Hell

…you’re going to burn in a very special level of hell. A level they reserve for child molesters and people who talk at the theater.


At a recent performance I was reminded of this quote.

As Ryan and I sat in our seats, the conversation behind me began to raise my shackles.  The two women were loudly discussing their views of the ACA.  Now I am a passionate supporter of the ACA, but I still realize that there are faults in the execution of the law.  What bothered me about their conversation was they were bashing the law, but clearly were misinformed and spouting false “facts”.  I tried to ignore the conversation, instead focusing on examining the set design.

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